The Secrets of Parisian Style

Parisians are known for their effortless style. It is synonymous with chic and sophistication. Understandably, many would love to incorporate this into their interior design but before we get to the secrets of how to do this, let’s consider what it is that makes Parisians ooze style.

A Parisian Affair

There is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about Parisians. Their fashion, the way they hold themselves, their surroundings.

Their secret comes down to confidence in moderation.

As they walk along the streets, confidence seeps from their pores but this never reaches the level of arrogance. Everything is done with temperance. Touches of glamour are used to gently decorate but are never gaudy. The harshness of the new and modern is softened with the antique and classic. Elements of culture rub shoulders with the ordinary.

Added to this, Parisians never appear to cut corners. Their style takes a certain level of commitment and that never alters just because it’s Sunday or children are running around their feet. Those extra touches that can take a little extra time are not indulgences but simply part of their routine.

Yes, perhaps there is a touch of romanticism thrown into this vision but when it comes to style, it’s always best to have high standards.

So how can you begin to recreate this Parisian world within your interior? The following 5 tips will reveal the secrets of a Parisian style.

1. Use Muted Colors

The typical hues found in Parisian interiors are a classic example of how they do things in moderation. When using colors, they do so in a more reserved way sticking to the more muted tones on the color wheel. Think grays, blushes and chalky tones such as Paris Grey, Duck Egg Blue, and Coco.

Alternatively, you can go with simplicity and use white to conjure up the essence of a spacious Parisian apartment with high ceilings. Parisian style is not about 100% perfection though so you will need to combine this with the other secrets to avoid a finish that is too polished.

2. Mix a Touch of the Old

Despite Parisian style being hailed as the height of perfection, it avoids being flawless. However, this doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken effort. Its imperfections are purposefully designed.

Whilst some apartments may utilize the crispness of fresh white paint on its walls, Parisians would never create an entire apartment full of this modern, clean appearance. Instead, they add a touch of the old.

As we found out at the start, Parisians are about moderation and the careful mingling of apparently opposite styles.

There are a number of ways you can create an aged feeling that will sit alongside your muted or white colors. Consider using peeled or rubbed down paint on a wooden chair or picture frame. Or, to include a touch of culture, add a portrait painting that as cracked or peeling paint.

Alternatively, include a piece of furniture that has seen and experienced life! A worn leather chair which has suffered some fading in the light or an old wooden desk with a few knocks and chips are perfect.

3. Sprinkle a Glimmer of Glamour

A real secret of Parisian style is the combinations they play with, creating a graceful balance.

To offset the impression of age, they will also add a touch of glamour. Again though, this is done in moderation so it never looks like some glitzy, new money, over-the-top lavish boudoir!

Think of adding glamour in the same way as a Parisian woman adding a few key pieces of jewelry to add a finishing touch and finesse to her outfit.

In your interior, this can be accomplished with a touch of gold such as a large, gilded mirror. Although, you should stick to just the one gold piece to ensure you encapsulate the Parisian chic style.

Or perhaps add a beautiful crystal chandelier which can act as a center piece to your room and add a splash of sophistication. Again, this is not something you want to overdo or you risk losing the reserved nature of this particular style. It is important to try and create a balance.

4. Add a Stroke of Confidence

There is no doubting the note of confidence that exudes from Parisians and you can add this to your interior with a couple of simple steps.

Whilst much of the Parisian style is understated, the balance is created with elements of bold confidence. This is commonly created with the window drapery.

Make a statement by using luxurious materials and overly long curtains that pool effortlessly and stylishly onto the floor. A touch of richness can be achieved with the right tiebacks.

Another way to add confidence is with accessories such as vases and ornaments. Paris has many flea markets that are filled with various curiosities. Combine something unusual or unique with something more classic to achieve that much-desired confidence in moderation.

5. Accent with Antiques

Parisians are cultural and cosmopolitan. Their flea markets are full of items from across the globe and they are rather partial to antiques.

Our final secret to creating a Parisian style is to add an antique or two to your interior design. Whilst there are some fabulous French antiques such as a 18th-century walnut chaise longue and Louis XVI style cabinets, do not feel as if you’re antiques need to be French.

Create a taste of the cosmopolitan style by choosing antiques from across Europe and combining these key pieces of furniture with more modern examples.

…Et Viola!

As you can see, the main secret to creating a Parisian style is finding a reserved balance. Antique is combined with modern, old with new, bold with the refined and confidence with moderation.

And it is that playfulness that makes Parisian style so much fun to create. It is not easy to get it right. It takes a keen eye and hard work to look that effortless.

If you would like support in creating your own piece of Paris, on any other style, get in touch with us today.


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