Less Is More

Minimalism For Interior Design

The first person to coin the term “less is more” was German architect Mies Van Der Rohe. He was famous for his style of using open space and sharp rectangular shapes to create a sense of order and simplicity. The point of minimalism is to utilize space as opposed to filling it. The result is a cleaner, more organized finish. It sounds easy enough to do, but there’s a fine line between a cold, empty, boring space and a sleek, modern, compact room. They key is all about balance. You want to create space and minimize objects while doing it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Removing unnecessary things from your home will not only make your life more organized, but is scientifically proven to reduce your stress level and make you happier. Imagine coming home to a place every day were everything was already neat and tidy. That’s what minimalism does in design. It’s purpose is to built the organization right into a space so that you don’t have to. Minimalism has improved nearly ever aspect of our lives, from minimalist travel to the simple, single-button design of the phone in your pocket. When you take away all the distractions, you are left with pure functionality.

Minimal interior design doesn’t have to be grey and lifeless either, it can be colourful and bright. After all, the point of minimalism is to draw attention to the space itself, so why not brighten it up. Some monochromatic colour schemes can go a long way to livening up a room while maintaining that sense of order and simplicity. Combining natural wood with one or two neutral tones is a great way to add a subtle hint of color. The same goes with empty space; minimalist design may be about having fewer visible objects in a room, but overdoing it can make your house look empty, which is not what you want. Instead of leaving a wall or a table completely blank, fill it with a classy piece of art or a nice looking centrepiece to accentuate the room.

Another great benefit of minimalism is that is it easy to clean and maintain. Also, it gives you a greater incentive to keep things organized because it’s easier to notice when something is out of place. Sorting through all the excess things in your home will draw the focus to the things that really matter in your house. Eliminate the clutter and bring more attention to your family photos and things that show off your personality.

You don’t need to purge everything you own to live a minimalist lifestyle. There are several ingenious storage options that can make your clutter disappear. From shelving hidden in walls to under the bed storage drawers, you can find plenty of unused space to convert to storage space to keep your things organized and out of site. Just look at how this staircase makes use of every inch of the area below by cramming drawers together underneath the steps.

Minimalism done right should bring out the best in every room. When you take the idea of quality over quantity and start applying it to your home one room at a time, you’ll be amazed how much extra space you can open up. Minimalist design is the first step to making your life more organized. When your home is neat and orderly, your mind will begin to follow. Your home should be a place you can come to relax and unwind at the end of the day. The best way to do that is to clear away all the non essentials so that you can have some peace of mind when you walk through the front door with no excess clutter to distract you. The end result will be a peaceful home with a classy, modern look to impress your guests and make you feel right at home in a cozy, livable, and functional space.


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