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JennaLou Interiors is a design firm that is here to help you make your dream a reality. Using your very own ideas, we design you a space tailored specifically to your needs. Whether it be for relaxation, recreation, or productivity, we deliver interior design fitted to you.
Who we are.
Jennifer Krawczyk founded JennaLou to offer people a more personalized interior design firm. We are dedicated and passionate about our jobs and we invest ourselves into each and every project we do.
What we do.
We are a full service design firm, meaning we do everything from the consultation to the renovations to the finishing touches, our contractors work with you every step of the wayto give you the space you want.
How we do it.
During our initial consultation, we will ask you lots of questions to get a better idea of the style you are looking for. Then, we make personalized plans shaped to your ideas and build a space to meet your needs.

Our Works

We develop everything from scratch to guarantee a unique and outstanding design. All of our work must meet our high standards of aesthetics and functionality to ensure you get the best value from our products.
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Designing A Space That Fits You

We understand that every home has a unique dynamic. Therefore, no two homes should look alike. By merging an understanding of design with your own personal style, we can create a space that is enjoyable and practical. This can include anything from rearranging furniture, to adding favorite decor pieces.
Make your home welcoming and appealing to all who visit. Although everyone has different tastes in home decor, most people agree that they want their homes to be organized, functional, and presentable.
Looking to update an outdated space? We also specialize in renovations! Together, we can give your home a complete transformation and you can start fresh. Your home or office will look and feel brand new.
Additionally, we offer 3D drawings of multiple possibilities for your particular space. You will have many options to choose from, and will have peace of mind knowing what your space will look like before any changes take place.

Take the first step towards realizing your dream space.

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